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SAVE THE LAST WORD FOR ME E2 - Lauren Shippen & Julia Morizawa

Warning: Content Marked Explicit.
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SAVE THE LAST WORD FOR ME #1: Chatting with Lauren Shippen & Julia Morizawa of "The Bright Sessions" (9/2016)

Again from our archives, we present the 2nd episode of a discussion podcast that I had high hopes for, but which only went for 9 episodes or so. But the discussions are fun and if you're interested in voice actors' lives, we delve pretty deep in these interviews. 

Lauren Shippen is the creator of The Bright Sessions -- an audio drama that was a huge hit. Julia Morizawa played the title character, Dr. Bright, a psychiatrist who specialized in troubled teens. Their show is still available although no longer in production, I believe, and I recommend you check it out.

I'll be posting these re-runs monthly -- they originally launched on a different platform that I never use anymore, so you probably never heard of this show. Still, I hope you'll listen and enjoy.

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