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D3P1 - À la recherche du temps volé

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Day 3, Part 1: À la recherche du temps volé - Bit nervous for my blind date with the Chief Constable. Got to hope he's sharp enough to solve Sammie's murder quickly and quietly, but not *so* sharp that he discovers some of the other corpses I've got lying about the place. Metaphorically speaking. Mostly. Anyhow, too many new mysteries need solving to waste time with ancient history. For example: The Mystery of the Returning Pen, the Mystery of the Thing on King's Common, and - perhaps most important of all - the Mystery of Why My Favourite Pint Doesn't Taste The Way It Used To. A detective's work is never done, eh? Wouldn't mind so much if I could just get a decent night's sleep for once in my life... For more, visit www.TheAldergatePapers.com

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