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The Music of Ostium Season One

Warning: Content Marked Explicit.
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Here's your complete soundtrack to Ostium Season One, featuring all the music played during the first season, plus a bunch of extra tracks, all written and performed by our talented composer, Chris Fletcher (who is also the voice of Jake). And here's the detailed tracklist for your records: SIDE A: 1. Season One Theme Song 2. Ostium 1-1 3. Ostium 1-2 4. Ostium 1-3 5. Ostium 1-4 6. Ostium 1-5 7. Ostium 2-1 8. Ostium 2-2 9. Ostium 3-1 10. Ostium 3-2 11. Ostium 4-1 12. Ostium 4-2 13. Ostium 4 (Unused Track) 14. Season One Alternate Theme Song (Unused Track) 15. Population Zero 4 (Demo) 16. Population Zero 2 (Demo) 17. Popilation Zero 13 (Demo) 18. Outtake 1 (Demo) SIDE B: 19. The Late Late Show Theme 20. Scary 21. D Thing 22. I've Gotta Close My Eyes 23. Another Chance to Fly 24. Sandy (The Sands of Time) 25. Irish Pop Song Be sure to listen for info about Ostium at Podcon. Ostium now has a merchandise store, check it out: www.redbubble.com/people/ostiumpodcast/shop?asc=u If you want more Ostium, why not become a patron on our Patreon page www.patreon.com/ostiumpodcast, where for just $2 a month you'll get access to an exclusive brand new mini episode every two weeks (and this includes all through the offseason); and during the regular season of the show you'll get access to new episodes a full week before everyone else. Alternatively, you could also make a one-time donation and help support Ostium on our website, www.ostiumpodcast.com. And if you wouldn't mind leaving Ostium a review on whatever app or program you use to listen to podcasts and that way people can see what you're saying to convince them to listen to Ostium. Thanks for listening and see you next week for the Season One Outtakes!  

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