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Episode 30 - Fade to Black

Warning: Content Marked Explicit.
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Jake makes some big decisions with the help of Dave to make things right in Ostium, but possibly at the cost of their own lives. And we have now, sadly, come to the end of season 3. Hope you enjoyed it. Please keep listening to the whole of this outro for lots of important Ostium-related details. Season 4 takes our intrepid friends to a very interesting place where they get up to many strange adventures. We’re going to be taking a bit of break to get it all recorded and ready for you wonder fans. The first episode of season four will drop April 7th, 2019. Now, there is a way you can get season four started sooner, and that’s by become a patron of Ostium on Patreon. For as little as $2 a month you can get access to your very own door number and special short story, as well as the ongoing Ostium Files series and outtakes. There are also many more rewards at levels, such as behind the scenes specials, access to the music and artwork of Ostium, and even videos. If we hit our first goal of having 50 patrons support Ostium, you’ll get season four started a whole month earlier, on March 3rd, 2019. If we hit our second goal of 75 patrons, season 4 will start on February 3rd. And if we somehow hit 100 patrons in the next week, season 4 will begin January 6th without any hiatus. So here’s what you need to do. First, become a patron. You can change your tier level whenever you want. Second, tell your friends, family, complete strangers about Ostium and about become a patron so everyone can get season 4 Ostium started sooner. It’s as simple as that. This episode was written and produced by Alex C. Telander. The voice of Jake is performed by Chris Fletcher. The voice of Dave is performed by Alex C. Telander. The voice of the unknown creature was performed by Arden Rachel. The music was composed by Chris Fletcher. Thank you everyone who listened or talked or has ever mentioned Ostium. You listeners are a big part of why we do this, the other smaller part is we love doing it. And don’t worry, there’s going to be many, many more seasons of Ostium coming. For anyone attending Podcon, two of us from Team Ostium will be there: Georgia, the voice of Monica, and myself. So if you see someone wearing an Ostium shirt and looking lost, chances are it’ll be me, so come on over and say hi. Don’t worry, I’ll be feeling just as shy and awkward as everyone else. I’m also going to be giving away a bunch of copies of the Ostium book, so don’t forget to mention that. I don’t care if you’re a podcast fan, a podcast creator or actor, you’re an Ostium fan and I’d be happy to give you a copy of the Ostium book and autograph it if you like. I’ll be doing another announcement or two before we get to the weekend of Podcon. But for now. This is me, Alex C. Telander, closing the book on season three and looking ahead to season four. Thank you all again, so much, for support this little idea that has become a big show that Team Ostium loves so much to make.  

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