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The Candy Gobbler: A Halloween Special

Season: 12 Episode: 1
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Here it is Rocketeers! The fully illustrated Halloween special! The Novel Effect Team and I have joined forces to bring you this interactive adventure. After listening to this episode, be sure to download the free Novel Effect App below and open The Candy Gobbler. As you read the ebook in-app you will see all the fun illustrations and the music/sound effects will automatically synchronize to your reading! It's amazing!

Enjoy! And Happy Halloween!

The Candy Gobbler: The last thing Kevin wants to do on Halloween is take his little sister Gracie trick-or-treating. So, he tries to spook Gracie with the tale of the Candy Gobbler, a mischievous candy bandit that goes around stealing kids' candy. But it isn't long before Kevin realizes that his story isn't just a story after all.

Click here to download the free Novel Effect App: https://noveleffect.page.link/PsKZV8pRRYJTLYnH9  

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