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Episode 59 - What Goes Around

Warning: Content Marked Explicit.
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And now we come to the end of season 5. This is been a lot of hard work to write and put together, but it’s also been an absolute joy. I knew Jake and Monica would go on lots of adventures over the course of this season, but never envisioned many of them. Of course, there were some journeys that could not be completed, even though I wrote the scripts for those episodes, and if you become a patron of the Ostium Network at patreon.com/ostiumpodcast you’ll get to read those scripts.

I always knew Jake and Monica would make it back together at some point, but not exactly how, and what interesting trinkets they’d be bringing along. For now this brings an end to their journey in searching for each other through many of the doors of Ostium, and now they are back together. It also represents a break until the beginning of their next adventure coming in 2021 with season six. Stay tuned and keep your ears open for aural breadcrumbs and auditory surprises being released before the start of next season.

This episode was written by Alex C. Telander.

The part of Jake is performed by Chris Fletcher.

The part of Monica is performed by Georgia Mckenzie.

Sound design was done by Hail and Well Met Podcasts. Check out more of their great work at hailandwellmetpodcasts.com.

Music featured in this episode includes: "Now Or Never" by Michael Vignola, "Fresh Fresh - No Whistling" by ill Van De Crommert, "Extraordinary" by Michael Vignola, and "More Than Ever" by Michael Vignola, all under a Creative Commons license.

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