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Season One Supercut

Season: 1
Warning: Content Marked Explicit.
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With many forced to do the 14 Day Covid19 Challenge, here is the full first season of Boston Harbor Horror for your listening pleasure to help pass the time!

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Cast and Credits:

Alex Devereaux - Mike Gagne

Professor Matthew Alvarez - AJ Carter

Special Agent Kerri Stone - Alex Jameson

Dr. Donna Monroe - Stef Howerton

Dr. Lynda Jacobs - Katie Sansoucy

Lucas Miles - Graham Rowat

BM1 Corey Brown - Ronald Smith

Alan Beasley - Zane Sexton

Chief Herrick - Alicia Atkins

Sector Boarding Team Member - Kae McSpadden

Security Guard - Karl Hynes

Radio Voice - Mike Gagne

Cultist - Erez Sarousi

USCG District Commander - Scott Hart

USCG Sector Commander - Kaitlin Kliman

911 Operator - Perky Perkins

LT David Corbett - Sean Mish

MK3 Mark Ashness - Boot McNally

Micah Devereaux - Shayne Gardiner

110 Crewmember - Jen Gagne

SN Jacques - Amy McNally

LTJG William Sacco - Ronny Cooke

Boat Deck Supervisor - Boot McNally

District 1 Command Center Watchstander - Lena Scott

Sector Command Center Watchstander - Amy McNally

Aircraft Commander - Leigh Gorrie

Newscaster - Matt Raftis

Operations Specialist Chief - Lorraine Hodgson

DV1 Allen - Stef Howerton

CGIS Agent - Kae McSpadden

Vanessa - Lena Scott

BM3 Ramirez - Kaitlin Kliman

Trevor - Mike Gagne

Ash Carlin - Ash Gagne

BM2 Carter - Amanda Konstantin

Resident - Bill Gagne

Attendant - Michelle Gagne

Doctor Harkness - Margaret Griggs

Riley - Val Seefried

State Trooper - Eric Pascar

William - Van Foberg

EMT - Meghan Drainville

Brother Nicholas - Josh Hubbard

BM3 Moideen - Harper Jean

BM2 Reis - Lauren Amos

Disembodied Female Voice - Jen Gagne


Intro music is Uncertain Ground by Blue Dot Sessions and the outro music is The Last Goodbye by Sea of Aland, courtesy of the Free Music Archive. Additional music pieces throughout the production were by Lobo Loco, Monplaisir, and Sara Afonso courtesy of the Free Music Archive, Purple Planet Music, and sound effects were provided by Adobe Audition, made in-house at Asylum 94 Productions and the Humble Bundle Sound Effects pack.


Lastly, special thanks to the US Coast Guard and their Motion Picture Office in Los Angeles for their permission and support in this project and the more to follow.


Stay tuned for Season Two of Boston Harbor Horror: Occulting (3) 15 - coming this spring.

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