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Fathom E1 - In the Dark We See

Season: 2 Episode: 1
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Seventeen years before the events in DERELICT, something was found at the bottom of Earth's ocean. An ancient artifact that can only be described as a giant door, inset into the ocean floor. 

It became known as the Vault.  A gigantic enigma, buried and forgotten...nineteen thousand feet down.

Just the kind of thing that would interest the galaxy's most powerful corporation, Maas-Dorian. To study the artifact, the company built a massive, self-contained, secret laboratory base surrounding it. That base is named Fathom. It's objective: unlock the secrets of the artifact and discover what it holds.​

A group of scientists, engineers, and workers led by Dr. Eva Graff and Commander Joe Freeman have been working on that task for almost a year, but with little to show for it. The Vault has yet to give up its secrets, and their employers are beginning to lose patience. Add to that, some on the base say they hear...voices. Inside the signal the Vault is broadcasting. Hundreds of them. Thousands. Whispering and chittering of a desire to be let out...

But none of it holds sway over a corporation interested only in power and profit, even if it knows all too well that some mysteries should remain buried. And that some doors should never be opened....

FATHOM is a narrative podcast experience from award winning science fiction author J. Barton Mitchell, and follows a host of unlikely characters trying to unlock a frightening mystery at the bottom of the ocean. It is the prequel to the story that began in the podcast DERELICT.



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