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Episode 4: B, Robot

Season: 1 Episode: 4
Warning: Content Marked Explicit.
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"B, Robot"
written by John Amir and Lex Friedman
Alyssa Simon as Lieutenant-Commander Frallen-Br'ar, Commissary Voice
Ivanna Cullinan as Commander Torianna
Chris Lee as Chip Frinkel 
John Amir as John B
Berit Johnson as Althaar, Alien Barfly
Derrick Peterson as Xtopps
Eli Ganias as Hardyfox "H.F." Fornes
Amanda La Pergola as Mrs. Frondrinax
Zuri Washington as Delilah "Dee" Mallory
Ian W. Hill: Recreation DirectorBot, Announcer, Winston ChurchillBot
Fred Backus: Systems Chief Rojas
Philip Cruise: J. Edgar HooverBot
Lex Friedman: Station Voice, Mother JonesBot
Leila Okafor: Conference Room Voice
Holly Pocket McCaffrey: Hydroponics Voice
David Arthur Bachrach:  Class TraitorBot
Dean Haspiel: Working StiffBot, Fast Food Customer
Linus Gelber: Jimmy HoffaBot
Berit is the supervising producer, showrunner, and script supervisor
Ian is the audio producer, sound designer, and technical supervisor
The writers’ room consists of BeritIanJohnAmandaChrisPhilipLex, and Linus
Theme and Interstitial Music composed and performed by Anna Stefanic 
Illustration by Dean Haspiel
Library Music and SFX licensed from Storyblocks
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