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In the middle of butt-nowhere called “Calamity Beach”, 16-year old Grim and 17-year old Glitter find a hole in the abandoned amusement park just outside the town. The tunnel leads to a locked red door that not even light can get through. Things would all be fine and dandy (no questions asked) except for the strange noises seeping out of it. That, and ever since going down there, Grim and Glitter suddenly gain mysterious powers. Grim can’t stop hearing people’s thoughts, and Glitter can see the ghosts of the dead. Can these two teenagers discover the secrets lying beneath Calamity Beach? Or will time run out before the summer ends?

Narrated and story by: Sophie Fae

CC Music from: freemusicarchive.org

  • Rosalie by Checkie Brown
  • New_Normals by Shaolin_Dub
  • The Trippers by SRO
  • Tooms by Black Agnes
  • Diva’s false singing voice
  • The Hunger Artist by Circus Homunculus
  • Curiously and Curiously by Blue Dot Sessions.
  • Infinity by Yakov Golman
  • Dramatic Beats by Tyops underlying Grimm’s “House of the Rising Sun”

CC Sound effects from soundbible.com by artist Daniel Simion.

Logo: Sophie Fae

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