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Episode 56 - After Disaster Broadcast

Warning: Content Marked Explicit.
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A comedic post-apocalyptic tale, this podcast follows former radio host Jo Prendergast at the explosive end of the world. Keep up with Jo’s ham radio transmissions as she uses humor and luck to survive.

I fell in love with this show from the start, with the interesting, diverse cast. The funny writing. And just the realness of the show, even if it is set in a post-apocalyptic world. There’s a whole episode about periods, because that’s still something to deal with when the world is ending. If you thought you’d heard your fill of end of the world audiodramas, then you really need to check this one out.

This episode was co-written by JJ Ranvier and Alex C. Telander.

The part of Monica is performed by Georgia Mckenzie.

The part of Jo is performed by JJ Ranvier.

Sound design was done by Hail and Well Met Podcasts. Check out more of their great work at hailandwellmetpodcasts.com.

Music featured in this episode is "Multitude" by Lance Conrad under a Creative Commons license.

For a link to a transcript of this episode please follow this link: https://ostiumpodcast.com/episode-56-after-disaster-broadcast-transcript/.

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