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6. Foucault's Pendulum

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Previously on Mockery Manor: JJ learns of her family’s involvement with Manor, that her grandmother was their cook, and that her aunt Kate died in the same fire that injured Margot and killed the other Mockerys. Meanwhile, Bette has an uncomfortable conversation with Manager ‘Pervster’ Norton, then catches Matty and Davina doing their deed in a car. Bette deduces that JJ pretended to be her in order to escape punishment for being in the park at night, and swears JJ will pay for it. In this episode: Margot has a nightmare, Matty has a terrible day, JJ and Parker clear the air, and an unexpected visitor arrives at Mockery Manor. If you’re enjoying the show, please support us on Ko-fi to help us continue during the pandemic: www.ko-fi.com/longcatmedia For more info, visit www.longcatmedia.com, and follow us @MockeryManor and @LongCatMedia on all the socials. Support this podcast

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