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3: Plotting Under the Couch

Episode: 3
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Donnie spent the morning at his "usual joint" (his Uncle Rowan's house) – but is there a darker reason why he's drinking Capri Sun before noon? Perhaps a reason that's... plotting under the couch?

Donald August Versus the Land of Flowers is a 5-episode fiction podcast set in suburban Florida. A 12-year-old boy and his summer nanny set out to play private investigator and instead stumble into a supernatural – and sinister – palm plant.

Episode 4 will come out on Tuesday, August 18, and the finale, episode 5, will come out on Tuesday the 25th.

This is an independent podcast homemade by 5 pals during the coronavirus lockdown:

  • Starring Dave Cutler (Donnie, Rowan) and Katie Cutler (Lex)
  • Written by Emily Donovan and Benjamin Kerns
  • Music by Dylan Burchett

Find out more about us here.

Deaf or hard of hearing? Practicing English? You can read PDFs of released episodes here.

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