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D3P2 - Frighted with False Fires

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Day 3, Part 2: Frighted with False Fires - Fire in a crowded theatre - or even a sparsely-populated one for that matter - is hardly the sort of thing one likes to encourage. Especially when the theater in question is the Aldergate Playhouse, which is buried deep underground and has a distressingly mobile museum perched on top of it. At least this time it's not *my* life that's in danger. No, just my dignity. Such as it is. There's rather a lot of mustard on these pages; I'm afraid I had my lunch that day with rather more enthusiasm than technique. I plead mitigating circumstances - I was hungry to start with, and that was before an afternoon featuring ancient monoliths, deadly chandeliers, and Baz's awful yellow Reliant Robin. Still ... onwards and upwards, what? Downwards, rather. For more, visit www.TheAldergatePapers.com

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